BANI Arbitration Center

BANI Arbitration Center, or formally BANI Arbitration Center, is an arbitral institution, providing a range of services in relation to arbitration, mediation, binding opinion and other form of dispute resolutions.

BANI was established in 1977 on initiative of three prominent lawyers, namely the late Prof. R. Subekti, the late Mr. Haryono Tjitrosoebono and the late Prof. H. Priyatna Abdurrasyid. With initial support of Indonesia Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Centre is located in Jakarta with offices in some Indonesia major cities including Surabaya, Bandung, Pontianak, Denpasar, Medan, Palembang and Jambi.

Committed to complete neutrality and independence in its role as an arbitral institution, BANI has developed its own rules and procedures for arbitration, including the time frame in which Arbitral Tribunal has to render awards.

With the credential as the first and the recognition as the leading Indonesian arbitration organization in various International communities, with over 3 decades of experience and over 100 listed arbitrators both Indonesian nationals and foreign, BANI Arbitration Center is the obvious choice for arbitration in Indonesia.




BANI 40th Anniversary, Hotel Shangri-La Jakarta, 28 November 2017

In view of the increasing participation of foreign investments in the Indonesian economy and... due to Indonesian participation in ASEAN Economic Community it is indeed important and relevant to accelerate the interest and attention of Indonesia (i.e. the government and the parliament).





Kompetisi Peradilan Semu Badan Arbitrase Nasional Indonesia 2017, dengan tema "Penyelesaian Sengketa Konstruksi di Badan Arbitrase Nasional Indonesia"

General Round: 27-28 November 2017 di Kampus Unpad Dipatiukur, Jl Dipatiukur No.35, Bandung.

Final Round: 29 November 2017 di Kantor BANI, Wahana Graha Lt 1&2, Jl Mampang Prapatan No.2, Jakarta.

Biaya Pendaftaran: Rp 1.400.000,- (3-5orang per tim)






Seoul Academy for International Arbitration 2017

Whether These Changes Have Made International Arbitration More Effective?

10 - 11th November, 2017 | Seoul Club, South Korea

*This seminar is accredited mandatory legal training for Korean lawyers registered in the Korean Bar Association.